Lil Durk - Lion Eyes

Posted on June 16, 2024 by Lil Durk

Lil Durk - Lion Eyes Mp3 Download — Widespread and Talented movie star, comes out shining with a company new single titled “Lion Eyes“. The song is presented on all streaming platforms. It is no concern that the song is a very addictive jam, update your playlist with Lion Eyes Song and get pleasure from it.

The new single “Lion Eyes” by Lil Durk, the West emotion, is quickly readily available now!

Download Lion Eyes - Lil Durk Mp3

The new single “Lil Durk - Lion Eyes” is an wonderful song concentrated to the fans and lovers of the new new music. It is a superb cruise song for your peace and listening pleasure.

This sensational strike song been presented it is exterior information from a variety of distinguished singers and songwriters.

The enjoyable new song “Lil Durk - Lion Eyes” is a comply with-up to his present day smash song and is an superb music that you would not want to pass up at all.

This wonderful vibe will definitely get you entangled in no time at all.

In the meantime, the superb new melody is an superb song that will definitely be benefit a spot on your playlist if you are a lover of quite very good new new music.

Song Information

Name: Lion Eyes
Category: West
Artist: Lil Durk
Album: Lion Eyes
Release Year: 2021
Duration: 1:53
Size: 2.59 MB
Source: YouTube

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  • You will enter the download page

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  • Wait for a moment

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The song "Lion Eyes" is a loveable song that was properly prepared and composed. The Lion Eyes by Lil Durk is an wonderful song that you are unable to afford to pay for to pass up.

Additionally, the amazing single characteristics Award-winning new music star, Lil Durk who delivered an wonderful verse.

In summary, the song "Lion Eyes" was developed by talented new music producer, Lil Durk.

In this article is an historic song titled Lion Eyes. Considering that its past fall the song has substantial downloads. Update enthusiasts chat about this song like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Far more men and women have been downloading this song at massive. Each time Lil Durk - Lion Eyes music performs, men and women are likely to dance at massive. Men and women willingly download this strike song. Imagine me this song will exchange that favorite in you system. Lil Durk - Lion Eyes is a banger download it as soon as possible.

The common and compelling keep track of “Lion Eyes” was put alongside one another by Lil Durk, and in excess of time has turn into fans’ favored and is constantly on their lips with captivating dance moves.

He brings in Lil Durk who lend their voice and creativity to produce an intriguing masterpiece.

Lil Durk - Lion Eyes Lyric

You off them drugs, you think you macho, you gon' slide tonight
I know you will, you ain't gon' kill if someone die tonight
Off these drugs with all my niggas, that's the vibe tonight
If you gon' claim what bronem claim, you gotta provide 'em right

Right now, if he caught a case, would you have him right?
I done got so big, I can't enjoy my private life
They say I'm crazy, but I ain't never show up at a candlelight
But I'm like JJ with this gun, this shit like a dynamite

Got my first pound, I felt like Pablo
I had one gun with two shells in it, I was macho
Did Rolling Loud inside an orange bubble Milano
First rapper from Chicago drinkin' lean in Roscoe's

If I fly you out to Atlanta, shake that ass and toss it up
I got my grill cleaned a couple days ago, they say I floss too much
I know how it feel to lose it all because I lost too much
Got in that room and told it all, I knew 'cause you talk too much

'Cause everything that shine like diamonds ain't no diamonds
A lot of people claim they real, they don't be lyin'
I be takin' the smallest drugs, I'm feelin' giant
The way I'm mixin' pop and lean, I'm passin' science

The one that claim I can't be quiet, she triflin'
Keep my mind clear 'cause I just say it, don't write it
I got the eye of a lion
And the heart of a tiger

Dropped, "Made It Out", I had the trenches all on fire
We really bang bros, how the fuck we did Mariah?
Ain't do too much when Fredo died, we torched them lighters
I missed the one's that's now deceased that I knew since the diapers

I know some niggas play with guns, but known for the fightin'
You try to flame up weed on jets, you gotta watch the pilots
Wakin' up to different sirens
(I really got the heart of tigers)


This song has previously commenced generating enormous development. The song has constructive language which acceptable for all age. Lion Eyes - Lil Durk is pursuing to keep on being appropriate in the playlist of new music lovers. The artist put in further hard work on this song. Enthusiasts are greatly enthusiastic with this new rhythm.

Never wait for an individual to participate in it for you. Know this song by by yourself. Never enable it pass your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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