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Blake Colston


My name's Oreo, and I've become quite a regular down here at the Daily News. I'm really enjoying all the sun and grass here in Elk City, but I didn't always have it so good. You see, I used to live with a family in North Carolina, but they moved away and left me in the house! I was very confused and sad, but a friend soon broke in to save me. I lived with her family for a couple months, which was really nice, but they already had too many pets (almost 20!), so her dad said I needed to find a new home. That's when I first went to the shelter.

I was adopted rather quickly by a nice couple with an older dog. I tried to play with him once or twice, but he just snapped at me, so I tried to leave him alone. But the people were gone all day every day, and since they didn't know me very well, they doggie gated me into the laundry room by myself when they were gone. But that made me think about when I was left by my previous family, so I eventually plowed through the gate and ate their remote. I was really sorry, but they returned me to the shelter. I started feeling like no one wanted me and didn't feel like eating. That's when Mama Liz found me!

I was so happy when she took me for a walk, that I ate a little when we got back. But then she had to put me back in my room, so I thought she had left me too. The next thing I knew, I saw her again, along with Papa Jerry and Ernie! I was so happy to play with another dog my size! Then they took me home, and I was so excited that I ate an entire bowl of food, a 1.5 foot rawhide, and played with my new friends for the rest of the night. Things have been great ever since. I know now that when they leave, that they will come back. Plus, I get to go most days down to the paper, where I get to see all my friends there! Drop by some time, I'd love to meet you.